An interesting development for me this week concerning thinking about ICT integration. I am currently working on assignments for 3 other subjects, and trying to change my train of thought each time I work on a different assignment. his in itself is quite difficult to do, however I have found a resounding theme which stays with me regardless of what I am working on, and that is the integration of ICT as a learning tool. I have found this intriguing as at the beginning of this course I was using ICT as a addition to learning. I am similar to EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy in that I have had a variety of ‘hard’ resources. I have now begun to realise I am collecting an interesting collection of online ‘tools’, including a comprehensive range of tools on my internet toolbar.

One of my most used at the moment is  ICT Magic, which has a comprehensive range of websites for a variety of uses. I am drawing on these a lot for a variety of other subjects. I find I am growing as an educator in this regard. One thing I need to ensure though is I must keep ensuring that it is ICT integration, not as an add-on, and for this, referring back to Postmans 5 things about technology change to remind myself of the importance.